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Case study:

Case Study

Step 2: The User Profile. Learn who the typical user is. What are their preferences and characteristics.

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This man buys clothes from Woodburg.

Tom Miller


Age: 48


Occupation: Middle Manager


Family status: Married with two teenage daughters. Lives in the suburbs of a major city in the Pacific Northwest.


Household income: $100,000

Profile: Tom followed a traditional path of getting a degree in business then joining a major financial services company. He traveled a lot when younger, but his “settled-in-the-suburbs-status” now means travel is limited to family vacations during school breaks.

Internet Usage: Buys books on frequently. Buys other items online, too, but can become frustrated when checking out. Finds it a bit nerve-wracking when he commits his credit card details online to not well known sites, as he and his wife have had their credit card details stolen in the past, which caused some problems. So he’s a somewhat cautious shopper.

He buys some clothes, mostly casual clothes, online, if he has tried on the clothes at the company’s store. That way he knows the items will fit. He hates having to send online purchases back in the mail. He likes low-maintenance items, such as wrinkle-free shirts. He likes to know he is getting a good deal when he shops online, so special offers can attract his attention. He will also spend some time comparison shopping for bigger items, such as hotel stays and computer equipment. For smaller items, he will go to two or three sites in the top five sites that appear in the google search.

Sites he uses:,,, &

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