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Case study:

Case Study

See the various stages of how an eCommerce website for is designed and built.

The Steps To Successful Website Design


This agreement establishes the scope of the project.

User ProfileUser Profile

Says who the audience is and what they want.

Information ArchitectureInformation Architecture

Shows the site pages and how they are linked.

WireframeWireframe layout

A black & white diagram showing the content, navigation and functionality of a website design.

Visual DesignVisual Design

The wireframe layout fleshed out with color, fonts and images to show the design.

Keywords & ContentKeywords & Content

List keywords used to find your site. Include them as you create text and headlines for all pages.

ProtositeBuild Protosite

Use your template to buld all your pages then place content and images. Spellcheck often.


Test the site in major browsers.

Load & LaunchLoad & Launch

Upload the site to the server and view it.

Tell WorldTell The World!

Announce the new site to your customer base. Alert google so your site can be crawled.